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calzedonia careers job areas corporate retail
calzedonia careers job areas corporate retail
calzedonia careers job areas corporate retail

    Precision, attention to detail and a passion for numbers are the characteristics of the people that work within our administrative departments. The multiple functions of this area are coordinated to carefully evaluate each economic indicator, monitoring the group’s administrative/financial progress, contributing to finding fundamental strategic solutions for our success and supporting growth through evaluating the best possible investments. OPEN POSITIONS


    Our commercial department handles the core business of the company, supporting stores and our sales force, both in Italy and abroad, as they manage strategic activities. They carry out in-depth analysis on the progress of our brands sales and earnings, which allows us to create the best strategies and most effective solutions to make our brands increasingly competitive. OPEN POSITIONS


    The e-commerce department works to expand our sales horizons alongside our traditional stores. Reaching new clients and allowing our most loyal fans to purchase online is our goal. The department is organised just as a brick and mortar sales point would be: from the aesthetics of the online windows, to customer care, to order delivery, everyone works to maintain the high standards and attention to the client that distinguishes all of our stores. OPEN POSITIONS


    This role works with the goal of creating and monitoring the commercial expansion of our network of directly operated and franchised stores. They cover the search for new affiliates and identify the most prestigious locations around the world. In addition, this department provides consulting services to our already-existing network and provides them with support through financial and legal evaluations. OPEN POSITIONS


    The wellbeing of our employees, their growth and the development of their potential are all factors that determine the success of our Group. We consider the attitude and characteristics of every person, guiding them to the role which truly brings out their best; we are here for our employees from the very beginning and track their growth over time. We also manage the contractual and administrative aspects of the working life of every hire, thanks to a team of specialists in personnel administration. OPEN POSITIONS


    Thanks to the Image & Communication team, we let the world know who we are through constant press activity and social media marketing. The creation of solid relationships with key media partners and the most prestigious fashion press outlets make our brand awareness ever stronger. The care we take with our brand ambassadors and the most recognisable faces in the fashion system enable us to curate a rich schedule of interesting, innovative events for our clients. Energy, flexibility and a great passion for the world of fashion are the characteristics that distinguish the people who are a part of these teams. OPEN POSITIONS


    The teams that, within the company, work day after day to provide support and assistance to the various areas and for different functions are fundamental to our businesses’ success. We organise the travel and transfers of our employees and collaborators; we provide consultation services to operational units relating to any legal aspects and we closely coordinate all the organisational management activities of the headquarters. Within these offices, you’ll find professionals who, thanks to their invaluable contribution, allow all the other roles to accomplish their goals. OPEN POSITIONS

  • IT

    The IT department is made up of a team of young, passionate and intuitive professionals who are always up to date on the latest technology. Their goal is to manage and maintain the company’s computer technology, ensuring the maximum functionality in our offices and stores. With important projects to constantly upgrade and advance our internal informational processes, they allow us to develop and implement innovative systems and cutting-edge technological solutions. OPEN POSITIONS


    Through the careful study of fit and an accurate sewing process, the ability of pattern- and prototype-makers is essential to the creation of our garments. From the designer’s sketch, this team constructs the final item, allowing the initial idea to become a finished product. The development of each garment takes place thanks to a constant, intense study of technical solutions that maximise the efficiency of our production centres, and in the third-party workshops where production technicians work to supervise and coordinate the cutting, packaging and quality control of the final product. OPEN POSITIONS


    This team works globally with the goal of increasing the safety of our company in many respects, which are all connected and integrated. From inspecting and checking our facilities, to monitoring the safety standards of workplaces, we evaluate and prevent any risks posed to our employees, both in our headquarters and in our stores. We also manage attentive loss prevention activities through analysis and periodic store audits. OPEN POSITIONS


    Creativity, curiosity and sensitivity to new trends embody the Style and Product Design department. Here we work to create new collections by uniting a creative vision with the commercial approach that characterises us. Through continuous research online and in the field, and an attentive eye towards advances in terms of fabrics, materials, shapes and colours, we are adept at spotting trends. Managing the relationships with suppliers and collaborating harmoniously with our commercial departments and our stores, we develop collections that satisfy the tastes and demands of our clients. Our goal? To reach many clients as possible, creating a new exciting and accessible concept of fashion. OPEN POSITIONS


    To guarantee the quality of our products, we plan and directly monitor every stage of the production chain, from procurement and quality control of the raw materials through to processing in the production facilities and distribution to stores. A team of professionals manages import/export flows and negotiates the most advantageous transport conditions, deploying a flexible, strategic system to guarantee products arrive in the right place at the right time, in a market where speed and punctuality represent the key to success. OPEN POSITIONS


    We work to enhance the identity of our brands through the layout of our stores. For this reason, a team of architects and engineers closely follows the creation and completion of each store, determining how to make it functional and welcoming, and seeing to each technical or design aspect down to the last detail. From the layout of the space to the detail of the furnishings, from the window displays to the lights, nothing is left to chance. We coordinate the construction site, guaranteeing that the quality standards that distinguish us are followed and making sure each store becomes a space rich with visual and emotional impact. OPEN POSITIONS

calzedonia careers job areas corporate retail
calzedonia careers job areas corporate retail



    Sales assistants are the first brand and product ambassadors that our customers meet. This role is to welcome, satisfy the requests of and ensure the loyalty of clients around the world, conveying a passion for fashion and an extremely attentive service. We are involved with all the details that promote an enjoyable buying experience for the client: we provide them with personalized advice from the moment they enter the fitting room to when they arrive at the cash register, we check the availability of products on the sales floor and organise the product displays, ensuring that the store’s image is always impeccable and that the stockroom is functioning efficiently. In our stores, we value sales, fashion and team work. We’re looking for enthusiastic, spirited and vibrant people for this role. OPEN POSITIONS


    The store manager is a reference point for the sales team and works alongside them in order to increase the store’s profitability. The store manager is the first to provide excellent customer service and lead their team by example. In addition, this person handles the general management and supervision of the store: the creation of installations and displays according to the visual team, the functional organisation of the stockroom and the analysis of sales data to be able to make effective decisions and hit established goals. Thanks to his or her charisma, the store manager motivates and trains the group, thus leading the store to success. We’re looking for determined, organised and energetic people for this role. OPEN POSITIONS


    The district manager is the reference point for the stores of a certain geographic region, supporting them with the aim of maximising sales outcomes. The district manager works within the stores to align them with the relevant brand’s sales and visual merchandising policies. In addition, through consistent visits, s/he passionately trains and guides the staff to reach the established goals, standing out as an example within the store. To ensure the comprehensive management of the region, the district manager also constantly monitors sales and supervises the management of stock and orders made by stores. We’re looking for charismatic, goal-oriented people who are willing to relocate anywhere within Italy or abroad, always ready to take on new challenges. OPEN POSITIONS


    The visual merchandiser makes our stores appealing by creating windows and in-store displays that enhance the product and maximise sales, ensuring a uniform image the world over. Uniting creativity and sales acumen, s/he attends to the layout of the stores (according to the latest trends) and promotes an always-new shopping experience for our clients. The visual merchandiser, along with his or her team, designs the display signs, sends them to every store and then goes directly out into the field to instruct the store staff on visual merchandising techniques. This role is constantly motion in Italy and abroad to oversee and support the staging of sales points and new openings. We’re looking for dynamic, creative people who are passionate about fashion for this role. OPEN POSITIONS



    The store manager is the point of reference to the staff and works side by side with his or her group to increase store profitability. This figure is ideally extremely practical and always present at the centre of the sales floor in order to always be the first to take care of customers and ensure that their needs are met. In addition, the store manager handles the overall administration and supervision of the store and monitors the sales data so as to make effective, useful decisions in order to hit established goals. Thanks to the charisma, the store manager motivates and trains the group. We’re looking for determined, organised and extremely spirited people for this role. OPEN POSITIONS


    This role is that of a wine specialist: the person in the store who has in depth knowledge of the labels sold to be able to advise and assist clients in their retail purchases or for table service. If you have a deep passion and knowledge of wine and winemaking, as well as great sales abilities, this is the role for you. OPEN POSITIONS


    This figure welcomes and serves clients within the store, assisting them at the table, counter or advising them with their wine purchases. If you have experience in this role, however brief, possibly in wine bars or delicatessens or specialty wine shops, you’re the person we’re looking for. OPEN POSITIONS


    In this position, you’ll be part of the kitchen team and you’ll prepare the regional dishes that accompany the wines chosen by clients. If you are knowledgeable about typical Italian products and you nurture a passion for the food and wine industry, this is the right choice for you. The ideal candidate will also be dynamic, flexible and be strongly motivated to work in a team. OPEN POSITIONS

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